Aeve (averzierlia) wrote,

and now you're back, from outer space

been a while, hasn't it? I don't really spend much time on here anymore since I got out of landcomms.

HI EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU? I'm doing pretty good - the move back home has been good, I settled back in without many problems, my dog is loving being an inside dog in a house with few pets, I'm getting along with my family better now that I don't have to call them (I hate phones.)

Been going to therapy recently and that's working well, hopefully I'll be getting meds soon.

I've been hanging out at an opportunity center three days a week in an attempt to get over my anxiety at being in public/around people and it's really helping, I feel so much better about myself, more confident. Made a few friends.

Got back into warcraft - I'M NOT ASHAMED. I bumped 2 of my 80s to 90 already, have two more that I'm not working on yet because they're on realms I'm not on anymore. LOVE MoP, except for the fact that motherfucking PANDAS are now a playable race. I mean, really? TEDDY BEARS. NO.

It's a big change, really, going out three or more times a week for several hours each time. But it's...good. Got waaaay into Teen Wolf again randomly. Ok, not randomly, I was playing warcraft and Fenris (DA2) started talking and I was NO WAY. and ended up on his IMDB page and he's in Teen Wolf now? I mean. JFC. So I need to catch up on that so I can watch s3 but I got back into fic because reading stuff about the new season made me miss it.

Saw Red 2 with my Great Aunt Peggy day before yesterday - 10/10 would recommend. We're going to go so Wolverine too.

Haven't had any muse to speak of for writing or graphics - which sucks, let me tell you.

So what have you all been up to.

p.s. - B, Sango is seriously doing fucking GREAT. She gets to run around the yard without a leash or line and she loves it. Plus she doesn't have to fight for toys anymore and gets to destroy them to her hearts content. She misses you guys tho.

Tags: real life
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