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sango's no good very bad horrible day

Sango got to get up early this morning and go for a car ride!
To the vet! She was unhappy, mostly because I let them take her into the back without me. She got her shots and a check up and her ears checked (she has an infection). She was a good girl though. Then she got to come home and was lulled into a false sense of security for a few hours before I broke out the ear drops and the ear cleanser and doctored her ears (in reverse order as listed).

She probably wouldn't have minded so much except she kept escaping~ from my evil clutches but then I would make her come back. (This happened three times. I made her come back on her own which she REALLY didn't like.)

She keeps trying to get up on the couch with me because the spot where she got her shots (Rabies + the yearly ones) is tender and she desperately wants cuddles because the last two times she went to the vet she got left there and she really doesn't like that.

She's currently sleeping at my feet and in general being a good girl - which makes her very happy considering the day she's had :P
Tags: adventures in pet ownership, sango, sango's no good very bad horrible day
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