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here lies the girl whose only crutch

So, first off, I would like to sincerely apologize to anyone I owe a ficmas fic to. I AM working on them - I unexpectedly decided to take a vacation back home, and I got a bit...stressed...leading up to the trip and now that I'm down here I've been very busy. I haven't forgotten you guys though! Seriously, I'm really sorry. Don't think I forgot!

Second, anyone who watches supernatural: in the in season 2 episode 13 of the TV show 'Life' Richard Speight Jr., who plays Gabriel, plays a character named Dean. Just saying. Here is a link for proof.

Third, I got a tattoo. An unfinished tattoo, which is on purpose, cuz of, well, reasons that are hard for me to articulate. Just, it suits me right now, which is why I had the guy stop. Was waaaay less painful than I anticipated, which is awesome because I got in on the back of my right wrist. It is an ouroboros, and I'm planning on eventually put something inside the circle, scales of some sort on the snake, and color on the snake. Right now it's just black and outlines.

Think that's it. Going to go fic some more now.
Tags: i am a shameless whore, my muse is a cunt, tags are for squares, to do: everything


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