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continued existance is confirmed

I'm alive.

I miss everyone.

Consider yourselves hugged - and leave me a prompt if you want a christmas gift. I'm aware that I already owe some of you fic (I'm pretty sure it's jane_potter I owe that intersex loki fic to and joy of joys! I am writing it off an on as we speak. Or don't speak, since I'm leaving in a few minutes.

Consider this an apology too, because my meds have fucked with me hardcore and my muse has been as good as dead until really recently.)

You have until dec. 1st to prompt me.

Accepted fandoms:
Avengers (+ Captain America, + Thor), Blade, Harry Potter, Naruto (Although, I only watched through the Sasuke Retrival Arc), PUSH, Snow White and The Huntsman. Or something you know I write in, that works too.
Tags: i swear, i'm alive, really
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